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Over 16,000 miles strong, and were still standingAfter crusading across the forests of Canadian wildland, the cliffs and shorelines of Newfoundland, the thunder-storms of Mississippi, and the snakes of Narcisse, our car still hasn’t broken down! Although it’s coming close to falling apart. The brakes are generating dying-cat noises; Dad has changed the spark plugs in one parking lot, the belt in another, and the water pump in yet another; and you have to periodically “wiggle the wires” on our air condition system to make it work. Not to mention the Cadillac more-than-likely harbors a trace of each and every ecosystem the North American Continent has to offer.
Newfoundland might’ve been a let-down during our arrival, due to the drizzly climate chilling us to our bones, but it turned up in the long run. Twillingate was by far the most gorgeous. Locals were kinder, and more rural, than any place I’ve been. All of us took a little something from the island. Including a bug.
Each of us seemed to have learned something during our endeavor as well. For instance– we found that “Tickle” actually means small ocean channel, soon after reading the poster for “Dark Tickle Ship Tours”. Who’da thought?
I learned (and became a determined a prodigy) at the “Ugly Stick”. An instrument of precision, demanding strict levels of talent, and speed. Mom realized that she has a newly-discovered passion for Newfie music, and dad figured out that snakes is not the greatest vacation idea. As did Josh, and Grace. Especially Grace.
Another thing– despite all the “buzz” you hear about the two– Mount Rushmore and Old Faithful are exactly what they seem. Four big heads, and water that splashes every ninety-four minutes. Yay!
The Giant Chicago Bean is worth seeing. Very-much so. Memphis was amazing– a hot spot for music and barbecue. Blue Ridge may not have had the greatest taste in music, but it was still easy on the eyes. Quebec City was the classiest, and best city by far during the trip. Even the small little villages surrounding the city were a scene set in Tuscany.
As I write this, we’re right outside Whitehorse. We completed the Cassiar today, which is the most dangerous highway in Canada. Not because of road conditions, or anything of that sort, but people go missing on the highway constantly.

Before I conclude, I want to say thank you to the people we stayed at along the way; The Alcocers, the Holimans, the Weasleys, and the Coghills.
We have definitely pushed the limits for how much time can be spent this close to your family, and I am semi-ready for home. The road trip has been a blast, and I don’t want it to be over yet, but it’s been a fun adventure no matter what.
So, (as we say in superior Quebec) “Bon Jour!”

P.S The Weasleys were there to see if you were paying attention.

512 thoughts on “Last Entry”

  1. WHEW !!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m tired just reading about your travels !!! By the way…….if you pass this way again, bring a snow shovel….we just got 16 inches of snow yesterday. Be safe, Love to all……GG Norm and Pauline

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