Day 34

The past two days have been cramped full of nothing to do. Mostly just us and our friends resting in the peaceful and quiet neighborhood that overlooked the sea. Meanwhile I’ve been studying for my Scuba-Diving license. I ‘m going to start training in three days. Today we woke up and slowly meandered ourselves to the car. We drove off along the road that traveled across the shore line dotted with trees. Soon we reached  a clear blue swimming pool (I still can’t go into the ocean because of my scar). The water was fresh (no chlorine), and the deepest part was fifteen feet. As I plunged into the water, and cold sensation travel up my back. It seemed as though I was jumping over a cliff. I heaved water behind me, propelling me to the floor. Looking up, I saw the surface ripple across the flat ceiling that hung above. I jumped up from the bottom, and ascended. The rest of the day was spent with friends, under the orange and shining sun.

346 thoughts on “Day 34”

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