To Newfoundland!! (…but first Green Gables)

Confederation Bridge straddles a spit of ocean responsible for separating Prince Edward Island from the rest of Canada. It took us nearly ten minutes to cross the eight mile bridge. The island is it’s own province, and the setting for Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. We visited what was the inspiration for Anne’s house- a classy early 20th century cottage. Apparently none of us but Mom ever read the books or seen the movies, so we went to purchase the first DVD from the gift shop, until we found out it cost forty-four dollars!
Soon after we visited a small sliver of land jutting out towards the sea. The worn lighthouses, nautical-styled buildings, and the rocky shore lines were reminiscent of Homer (although warmer). Later we visited the bottle houses, which is exactly what it sounds like- houses made of glass bottles and jugs. Couples have even been married in the iridescent glow of the bottle chapel, whose alter is ironically constructed of beer bottles.
The next day we hustled our way across Nova Scotia, hurrying to catch our ferry to Newfoundland. The ferry was very nice but we mostly slept in our cabin for the following eight hours. I was super cold, and sick during the ferry ride, which was kind of disappointing because the ship was very cool.
The next morning we found ourselves in Newfoundland. Crevices dug themselves into the grass coastline, dropping steep into the fog-covered sea. There was almost no trees, and the small villages along the main road were very much Alaskan. We drove over glistening fjords, winding valleys, and eventually to Gros Morne National Park.

We have an awesome week-and-a-half to explore and are excited to share the details of the upcoming hikes, beaches, wales, icebergs, and even Viking towns to come. Stay tuned!

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