I Saw the Sign…

Yesterday while passing through Watson Lake, we arrived among thousands upon thousands of signs. Sign Post Forest is a mass collection of license plates, road signs, and a random hodgepodge of homemade signs. Oh Canada, will we ever understand you? The McElroys made us a license plate game. Things were slow until we got here.  Joshy claimed his victory in the picture on the left.

On the road to Liard Hot Springs, we passed a few buffalo on the side of the road. We got out our drone and shot some excellent shots. We scared a mom and calf away and the father prepared to charge. That’s when we decided to bring the drone back to the car.

Last night we experienced something that we haven’t seen in a while–our campsite actually got dark while we were winding down for the night. 

73 thoughts on “I Saw the Sign…”

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