Day 69- Racing Day

 Today and Yesterday was packed full with excitement.
Yesterday we woke up early and hopped in our little red car. We drove under the shade of the green trees, and past the worn down houses. Suddenly we took a right onto a separate road that lead to a huge gray parking lot, filled with cars. Surrounding the parking lot was a winding dusty track that jumped, turned, and slithered it’s way around a loop. There was also a huge stadium with bleachers lining the wall, and in the middle was speeding cars, driving recklessly through the cones, and turning sharp corners, emitting screeches that cut the dusty air. We walked through the rock and dirt, as the sun baked our skin, and stood right next to the huge dirt track. Motor cycles zoomed around the corners, and flew over the jumps. The sound of the engines shook the air, as the dust settled around us.
That night we drove back to the track under the speckled sky. We parked and walked over to a huge stadium. Green lights flashed through the night air, and music rung loud through the silence. We sat on the bleachers, and watched cars line up on a huge concrete road that stretched out a quarter mile. We saw two cars at a time sit side by side. Suddenly the engines roared, and the cars jumped forward, shooting down the long strip, whirring as fast as lightning. It was amazing.
Today we woke up, and came back. Motorcycles were racing once again, gliding over the dirt jumps, and kicking up the dust as they conquered the turns, and twists. Later we walked over and saw pick up trucks suspended high over huge wheels racing through the mud track. The deep rumble of the trucks sounded through the ground. Two got up at a time, and raced through a long pit of mud. The trucks trudged through the brown slosh, climbed up a huge hill, and puttered over the other side. Although some couldn’t make it, and had to be towed out.
After that they held a buggy race, as the cars zoomed over the jumps, around the turns, rolling over and clanging about.  One caught on fire once. 
That night we filed into the stadium and watched the drifting tournament. Two cars raced through a spiraling track, as they drifted smoothly through the cones. Smoke billowed out of the back tires of the cars, as loud screeches pierced our ears. fast cars flowed across the track with a loud hum resonating through the stadium. Other broken down cars roughly cut the concrete with the hot rubber tires, and spun out, as the sound pounded us.
In the end a Japanese women won the tournament.
That night we fell asleep with the sound of engines echoing through our brains.

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