Day 3

 We woke today to the bright blue sky. After our morning workout on the hot pavement, we hopped into the car and headed off. We drove across the shoreline, and past spider covered power lines until we pulled up to a long stretch of sand, dotted with palm trees. I slipped on my snorkel gear and dived into the cool salty water. I swam past the seaweed and the rock, until I arrived at the beautiful  reef. The painted coral spiraled, fanned out, and rolled across the deep blue mist. It rose, fell, and moved with the ocean Vibrant colors of fish swam by, but suddenly a cliff dropped into the threatening abyss. Waves pounded against my head. Anything could be down there  I thought, so swimming back with a new found panick I returned to the familiar hills and cracks of the reef. I traveled back over the rock and over the seaweed until I hit the hot baked shoreline. Let me tell you; nothing makes you seem smaller than the ocean.
We then drove off to a park that sat at the edge of the ocean side, and spent some time there. Hunger threatened us though, and we had to trek back to our homey apartment. That night we drove to a brown building with a strong scent of smoked meat and BBQ, and a sign that read “Jamaican Grill”. We got a table with some friends on the balcony and under the speckled night sky. The warm evening rang with laughter and chatter that night, and the food (especially the ribs and the steak) were to die for.
Although, when we reached home again and stumbled to bed, the stray cat that wanders the apartments was meowing at our door for hours. At least it’s not as bad as the rooster that takes the liberty of being the neighborhoods own personal alarm clock. 

76 thoughts on “Day 3”

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