Day 31

We woke up energetically this morning, ready to start the day. Today I turned fourteen, and in celebration I was going to Tarza. If you don’t remember Tarza was the amazing water park with the broken down entrance.
​We hopped into the car, and bustled off down the chicken covered road, along with our friends, as we reached the entrance of the little shack. They opened the small gates, with a screech, and as we stepped in a stone hallway surrounded us. The hallway led to a stairway that traveled through eerie caves, and pouring water falls, until everything opened up to the huge slides that spiral and drop and wrap around themselves. 
I road ride after ride. I remember swimming across the “river” that crawled under overhanging palms trees, and funnels through dark artificial caves of stone. Huge slides that encased you as you fell and twisted, until the deference between up and down became irrelevant. The sun beat down, which worked hand and hand with the cold water, that sent shivers down your back. All in all, it was a good day. 

24 thoughts on “Day 31”

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