Day 30

 The past two days have been very dull, due to the fact that I can’t swim with my knee for a few days. Saturday we did absolutely nothing, except run errands. Sunday was my little brothers seventh birthday, so we went out to eat at our favorite cafe for breakfast.
Today we woke up to the sharp rays of the sun cutting through our blinds. We got into the car, ready to travel aimlessly. We drove under trees and by the waving ocean, until we stopped by the wooden winding boards that formed boat docks across the shoreline. We walked on the docks that traveled under rigging, and past the same deep blue water that the  stingrays glided across a few weeks ago. As we walked, a huge shadow caught our eye. We looked down and saw a huge puffer fish feasting on the vegetation hanging from the edges of the dock. Spindling, and winding patterns were drawn on the skin of the specimen, and huge beady eyes were reflecting our gazes right back at us. It was about 1 foot by 2 feet, and just imagine how big it would be if it was puffed up.
After that we drove to the north side of the island, and came out on a lookout. A vast endless sea stretched out before us. Deep cliffs fell, as jagged rocks rested at the bottom. Inlets dug in to the islands skin. A war was being battled between the shoreline and the water, who could overcome the other.
After that we drove right by a tiny sliver of jungle. When we stepped in , a huge gray metal scrap was standing right before us. It was B52 (a bomber airplane). It use to be on the runway of an air force base on the island, until a typhoon forced it through the air, and sent it spiraling into the jungle. As I looked, moss, and vines were growing over the relic. 
I walked back to the car, and we drove off, back to are little apartment.

633 thoughts on “Day 30”

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