Day 8

Today we drove down a winding road that branched off into a long spit. The road gradually got more bumpier and more rugged. We drove under the thick green trees, until the road soon ended and opened up to a small hidden slice of paradise. We unpacked and jumped into the cool waves. The sun smiled down and the clouds gently floated along with the horizon. Out on the water jet skis flew across the surface, and scuba divers swam with the coral and fish. A local stopped by our car, and pointed out turtles that were near the coastline. He also warned us of the killing stone fish that liked to hide in the seaweed. They had a poisonous spine that could kill fish instantly. “My brother’s a big man, and he cried like a girl.” He said. In Fact they can even be fatal. After spending a fulfilling day in the sun we drove to the peak of a hill, where the view of almost the entire island was visible. A vast jungle spread and rolled across the landscape. Cliffs hung on the shoreline, and tan beaches lay on the edges. Houses and hotels peeked out of the trees. It was jaw dropping.

117 thoughts on “Day 8”

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