Day 26

Today was one of my favorite days on the island. Thoughts were swirling in our heads this morning, as we drove off towards our favorite beach. We only came there only once before, if you look back at day 10. Although when we arrived at the beach, they were closed. Feelings and expectations were quickly dropping, as we searched for alternatives to fill our day. Then we remembered the water park.
We pulled up to a little abandoned looking shack, with a sign that said, “Tarzan Water Park”. Expectations were dropping once more. We passed the little hut, and then suddenly it hit us like a stone wall. What we saw was huge slides that twisted, and dropped, and hundreds of people that were aimlessly running around from slide to slide. Screams, laughs, and the sound of splashing water echoed across the park.
Rides were surrounding me from every direction. There was even a wave machine, that allowed you to surf on an artificial wave. One slide shot down, and then devoured me into a dark abyss. Another one dropped and forced my stomach upside down as the wind blew past my face. Last of all, a calm lazy river crawled around in a circle, under caves, and through palm trees that hung over our heads.
At the end of the day, we fell asleep, with dreams of the water.

283 thoughts on “Day 26”

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