Day 6

This morning we woke up to the quiet and peaceful air. The rest of my family  left for the store as I stayed in the dead silent house. Suddenly cop cars pulled up into the parking lot. I looked out our door, and see the owner of the apartment talking to the police. I never did find out what it all was about. Later we drove our car along the light blue shoreline. We arrived at a beach almost entirely enclosed, protecting us from the merciless current and riptide of guam.The beach was filled with the sound of laughter, as it floated through the air. Some people were soaking up the water, as others were soaking up the sun. Groups of people were floating over the fish and reefs below. We spent hours beneath the sun and the shade of the palm trees. That night we ate dinner with the sweet star fruits as desserts. For the rest of the night we just wasted time by playing cards.