Day 41

Today was the second day of scuba diving. I forced myself out of bed this morning, and dragged myself to the car. I was excited but I was still tired. Today was the day we were going to see a shark. We set off for a beach called “Gab Gab Beach”, which is where we were supposed to meet the rest of the divers.
We eventually got there, and met up with our instructor, and seven others. We suited up with the overly heavy equipment and walked into the water. We swam for a while over a flowing, rising, and cracked reef, but then it suddenly dropped into a deep cliff that spiraled down into nothingness. We swam for at least five minutes, over a bottom that we couldn’t see. Soon another reef rose out of the water.
We descended, onto the reef, breathing out of our tanks. A weird sound pierced the water, and then suddenly out of the blue, we saw a huge white submarine appear. In the windows were the faces of smiling tourists waving to us. There were buckets of chum, to bate all the fish over to us. Huge bat fish surrounded us, in fact one got so close, that I was able to touch it. As we swam, a huge animal caught our eyes. We realized that right before us was a seven foot long Nurse Shark. It was tan, and white at the bottom, as it glided across the reef, and down over the drop off.
Once we floated to the surface, we officially became a “Certified Diver”, which basically means that I can dive almost anywhere, almost anytime. I can’t dive at night, and I can’t dive in any special conditions (ice diving, deep water diving, cavern diving etc.).  We then took an extra dive for fun.
The next dive was a plane wreck, and it was amazing. It was a rusted over Japanese plane that was shot down during WWII. It’s lying 100 feet under the ocean, and gives home to stray fish, and growing coral. You are even able to see the rising sun on the wings.
We went to sleep tonight with dreams of coral, and dreams of beautiful sharks that float across the deep blue ocean.

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