Day 40

Yesterday nothing happened, but today was an entirely different story. All last night excitement boiled inside my head, and this morning I nearly jumped out of my bed. This was going to be the day we actually scuba dived. Although it was 6:45, and my eyelids were hundred pound weights dragging me to the ground. I ran into the car, as we set off onto the zigzag road.
We found our selves at small looking beach, that looked out on a blue harbor, giving home to large ships and freighters. four more people drove up the rocky road, including our scuba instructor. Every one stepped out of their cars, out into the scorching sun. We assembled our kits, and were ready to go diving.
We heaved on the tanks, and tromped over to the choppy shore line. We trudged through the water, as it grew deeper and deeper. Soon we were chest deep. We slipped on our fins, and started to dive. 
I cannot even explain to you in words how amazing it was to be forty feet under the water, and still be breathing normally. I swam, suspended between two planes. The surface was barely visible, as we scaled the ocean floor. 
We dove two more times today, each one more amazing than the next. We fed a moray eel, we waved to people in an underwater lookout, we dove past spindling coral through deep dips that dug into the belly of the earth, with fish that darted and glided around me. 
Soon the bright rays of the sun peaked out from the edge of the earth, and darkness slowly grew. We finished diving, and rode off to small wooden building, stuffed with light, and chatter. “Ban Thai” flashed out at us from a sign. The rest of the night passed in a dream-like state, under the crystal stars that twinkled in the night air.
All in all today was beyond amazing. It was the day I first ever scuba dived. I will even try to add footage we caught on our Go-pro during the adventure. 

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