Cocos- Island of the Birds, but Not of Wild Kittens

After numerous visits to Guam, it took us this long to finally visit Cocos Island. Cocos Island is a dot of land roped in and tied to the main island by a coral reef, and (up until recently) the only place in Guam with birds. Consequently these birds are called Cocos Birds.

The land is resort-owned, and acts as a tourist hub, generating money from activities such as Jet Skiing, Go-Karts, and something called “Ocean Walking” (a non-certified version of scuba diving). Of course- you didn’t really get this information until you arrive at the island, so we didn’t know what to expect when we got there. Though I have to say- for not paying for any of the activities, the day was super relaxing. There was a beach (obviously), trails that meandered there way around the island, a public pool, free drinks, and a complimentary lunch (which was excellent); not to mention, a wild Monitor Lizard loitering near one of the trails.

Ironically though, the private island wasn’t nearly as relaxing as the free-for-public-use Inurajan Pools which we had visited earlier. These are natural occurring lagoons of water, which serves as the nucleus for local pastime. The area is cut off from the sea, excepting a small channel, by a wall cragged rock and stone. The wall is beaten to such sharpness through erosion, that one trip or fall against it can end with a nasty cut. That’s why rough water is so dangerous in Guam- if someone is caught between the force of the waves and the rocks they’re beat to shreds.

Luckily the pools are a calm sanctuary even during during the worst of waves. Inurujan Pools additionaly seems to have a greater salt composition than the norm, allowing swimmers to float effortlessly. The combination of calmness, natural buoyancy, and sounds of waves emanating from the other side of the stone wall creates an environment easy to fall asleep in.

Near the pools, Grace and I had discovered a pair of wild kittens. They eyed us suspiciously as Grace snapped photos of them, capturing their black-as-night countenance.

Halloween was a blast as well. The people here really get into the holiday, and it’s not freezing outside like it is in Alaska. We purchased a Ukulele, and Grace picked it up almost instantaneously. I hope you guys reading had a great October. Until next time- farewell!

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