79-The Final Day

 This morning we woke up as the rays of sunshine cut through the blinds. The sun was still creeping from the horizon, and a deep early orange spread across the sky. The trees swayed to the wind and the sound of chickens filled the moist morning air. We hopped into our hot car and drove down the winding road, that crawled through jungle and houses. We drove along the rippling  crystal sea, and past the palms trees that lined the road. Soon we stepped out into the burning sun, and saw that little familiar shack that I’ve seen many times before. We passed the huge metal sign that displayed “Tarza Water Parks”.
Since the golden sun was standing at it’s lofty peaked, until only a soft shade of pink was painted across the white fluffy clouds of the horizon, we stayed at the twisting waterslides and the flowing lazy river that crawled through the green leaves, and funneled through winding turns. 
Hours were also spent flowing on an artificial wave (with a boogy board of course). 
The day lasted long, but ended shortly. stars illuminated the cracked roads that ran through that little island, and the dark water moved calmly with a back and forth motion. For one last time we pulled to the apartments that leaked orange light through glass windows. We packed everything into bags, and fell asleep in the little white rooms of the apartments. 
Waking up with a rush, to the dark of night, we hustled out through the small green door. I took one last look at what has been our home for the past three months. From the cracked tile floor, to the red walls, I knew I was going to miss it.
We pulled up to the plane, and looking back I saw the green bushes standing like shadows against the dark sky, with only the slight glow of the early morning sun shining through. We then headed back. We flew through the clouds, and through the deep blue sky. The rumbling sound of the engine shook my mind, bringing to mind scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, motor races, cave exploring, swimming, boating, and relaxing under the warm sun of Guam.
Thank you for joining on my adventure, this was my last entry.
Goodbye (or as they say in guam)….

Hafa Adai!