Day 78- The Boat Ride

Tuesday we woke up early ready seize the day, we ran to the car, and drove down the hill that overlooked the cyan water, and the green speckled coastline. We drove along the waving water, and watched trees zoom by. Soon we ended up at the swaying docks that harbored little white boats. We hopped into a boat and motored away. We glided out of the bay, past huge cargo ships, and over the choppy waves. We sped out at thirty miles an hour, into the open ocean. We drove along the beautiful sloping shoreline, that met long sandy beaches and stretched along the water, and turned into rocky walls that hung above us.
The entire day was spent jumping off the side of the boat, and diving down into the clear blue water, and flying through the twisting coral that grew across the ocean floor. we sat and let the sun smother us in warmth, under the blue plain that hungover us, and the white fluffy clouds that slowly drifted across the sky.
Today was spent doing nothing, although tonight we went to Chimoro village, and let the bright lights, smell of food, and music float through the air. smiling people passed us by, and dancers moved to the beat. We then went to a beach under the night sky, as we sat on the sand, hearing the soft sound of gentle waves against the shoreline, and letting the twinkle of stars fill our eyes.

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