Day 76- The Hidden Beach

On Friday we pulled our little red car in front of an old wooden fence, bordering the highway from the overshadowing trees. We got out and walked down a dusty dirt trail that lead into the very heart of the thick brushed jungle. We strolled down into a valley as the trail emerged deeper and deeper into the rolling hills. Soon we arrived at a little creek running through a huge clump of boulders that sat together channeling the stream into branches and joining them back into one huge water fall fall that glistened down fifty feet across a rough rock wall. We walked down to the very bottom of the huge downpour that fell from the heights. It was as if a huge boulder field above was melting into pure water,  and then rolling across the stone cliff.
On Saturday we went swimming to a pool.
On Sunday we drove across a narrow stone road that winded through the green jungle. We finally stopped and got out. On the other side of the road was a little opening in the trees. The opening was the beginning of a dirt trail that shot down a steep falling hill. We walked down, and soon the trail became rough stone steps that ran through leaves, and rocks, until everything opened up. We were at the bottom of the steep hill, and beautiful beach stretched out across the waving water.
The day was spent relaxing under the sun. We also explored along the jagged cliffside next to the beach, and nearly got pounded by waves. 

470 thoughts on “Day 76- The Hidden Beach”

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