Day 70- A Rocky Beach

Today I woke up to the smell of coffee drifting through the air. We jumped into the car, and drove through the winding roads, and under the heat of the golden rays that spread across the blue sky. We pulled up at a long sandy shore line that stretched along the rolling waves. jagged rocks grew out of the sand and molded into shapes as small green bushes protruded in small clumps around them. the rocks were forming walls, as we walked through the spindling pathways, roofless rooms, and caves that could be crawled through. 
The rocks reached out into the water as well, and in the rock a little cave opened up, channeling a stream through a tunnel of stone (which we swam through). Crabs scurried away as we drew near. Islands of rock dotted the water, and fish swam about the shallow sea. We spent the day exploring the intricate passages, and the sandy “Courtyards” surrounded by the walls of rock.
It was super fun, and we found a thousand cool shells. It was a good day.

442 thoughts on “Day 70- A Rocky Beach”

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