Day 11

 We woke up slowly today, and enjoyed a morning that was crammed full with nothing at all. We had to bustle around town for few hours, until the sun finally creeped towards the horizon, and the early stars appeared above our heads. We drove towards a huge road that ran through the middle of large hotels, and flashy stores. We then arrived at a restaurant full with quiet conversation and music. For the meal, a man with a huge steak came up to us and cut off a chunk for all of our plates. After that, another man came with sausage, then pig belly, then ribs, and then cinnamon covered cooked pineapple, until my stomach threatened to burst, and I could barely swallow another bite. A haze passed that night as we ate more and more, laughed, and talked with our friends. After eating, we walked down the main road, as blinking lights flashed off of signs, and smells of food mixed with the scent of the sea. Although there was one place that caught our eye. It was large slingshot, with lights surrounding it, accompanied by the sound of screams.
They harnessed me in, and tightened the belts. I was tilted back, so I could only see the night sky. “3, 2, 1” The man said, and then… Boom. I was flying high. My stomach was turning and flipping over itself. The ride twisted, and turned. When I was the top, a collage of colors hit me. Neon signs cut the night, and the ocean stretched for ever. This was a night to remember.

599 thoughts on “Day 11”

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