Blue Ridge- Birthplace of Bluegrass

The birthplace of bluegrass! We’ve been rockin down the Blue Ridge Parkway the past two days, and let me tell you, we’re in the thick of Appalachian hillbilly country. The car’s been tottering the narrow east coast spine across Virginia, and North Carolina. On the way Dad has tied us down and forced us to endure authentic Kentucky bluegrass. By the end I was ready to rip my ears out.
On the road an old 1914 mill spun by a wooden farmhouse. The historical sight was quiet and gorgeous. Makeshift channels cut themselves through forest, and drained creek water over a creaky corn-mill. The whole thing was something off a movie set.
After driving down the Blue Ridge for a day and a half, people started developing thick southern accents. I’m looking forward to Columbus Mississippi (our temporary destination), the sweet tea,  Waffle House, and the upcoming barbecue. Stay tuned!

Cool Fact: After visiting the bluegrass museum we learned the banjo originated in Africa.



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