Almost Over!

Our journey is almost at an end. The last true U.S stop was spent in Seattle. Now the rest is Canada. Seattle was awesome, and a great American conclusion. All of us visited the Pacific Science Museum, which was a lot of fun. In the museum was a “Relaxation Competition”, in which the two competing players strap a band of electrodes around their respective heads. In between the two competitors was a 3 foot long tube with a ball in it. Whoever relaxed their minds the most moved the ball toward the other end of the tube. The goal of the game is to shove the ball all the way to the other end of the tube by relaxing your mind the most. I was terrible at it, but Joshy dominated. On a monitor above the playing table was a brain wave tracker. Joshy’s waves were dead low, and it was kind of worrying. I think he died a bit during the game. We hit the space needle on the way, and that night set off towards Canada. Right now we driving the Cassiar. We only have about twenty-four hours of solid driving to do still! North to Alaska.

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