Where’s Llyod??

Yellowstone was great, but since we’ve seen it once before , we passed through it a lot quicker this time. Old Faithful was exactly what it sounds like–a burst of water every 94 minutes. Yay! It’s a little disquieting to know that you’re walking in the crater of a super-volcano during the visit. If Yellowstone ever erupts, it would probably contribute to a worldwide mass extinction.
Boardwalks spanned unstable crusts, broken occasionally by prismatic pools of boiling water. A few times mini-geysers went off, which over time erodes fascinating patterns, etched into the surrounding stone.
Out of Yellowstone, going through Montana, we stopped to visit our friends–the Ruis family. They were a blast and we all pigged out to a huge barbecue dinner. [Notably absent was Lloyd, the Godfather of Greek Day] That night, because there was no nearby KOA, we camped in the Walmart parking lot. I guess we weren’t the only ones with the idea because nearly half of the other parking spaces were occupied by RV’s and pull behind trailers. It’s like a demoted version of a shady trailer park.
We’re in a rush to get Grace to Seattle for her knee, so we’ve been pushing for the past few days. Right now we’re in Spokane, which has been fun. It has a to-scale gigantic red Radio Flyer wagon in it’s park, so that’s cool. There’s a hundred year old carousel as well, which the rest of the kids rode. I obviously didn’t because I am much too old and mature.
Dad got stunning drone footage of the city’s dam, the clock tower, and the River Walk Park’s “Rotary Fountain” (which is really awesome).

Next Stop Seattle!
(And–as Joshy calls it–the “Space Noodle”)

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