Magnetic Hill and Some Sand Statues

If you thought that I forgot about the blog, then I apologize for that. I’ve been “busy” relaxing for a few days from the “Go! Go! Go!” driving we’ve been doing for the past four weeks. On the drive to New Hampshire we got to a try out an interesting attraction called “Magnetic Hill”. The mind boggling illusion was a downwards slope in which a vehicle, when put in neutral, rolls upward. Mom caught a video of the whole thing. 
After that we stopped for about two days to visit the Alcocers (our New Hampshire friends), which was a breath of fresh air.
A sand sculpting competition took place at a beach near their house (similar to the Fairbanks ice sculpting contest). Apparently it took a week of non-stop labor to perfect the incredible statues. My favorite was “The Four Stroke Engine”, which had an impressive design and obviously required exceptional skill. I encourage anyone to research the Hampton Sand Sculpting Competition on google images.

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