Jammin’ to Jazzy Blues on Beale Street

Memphis, Tennessee is a teeming hub of blues, blazing concrete streets, and sports pubs. The raw musical talent just stewing here in the sun is frankly breathtaking. Elvis, Bob Hope, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lewis, and many more big-name artists all have had history here. Today the thermometer hit 103, which is uncharted territory for most of us. The Memphis Zoo was a bucket load of fun, but at the same time tiring in the hot sun. During the zoo, Grace and I (Joshy chickened out) were able to feed the pool of stingrays. They had slimy skin and sucked your hands like vacuums. We got to walk down Beale street, one of the main tourist attractions for all Memphis visitors. Along the road, street performers displayed their acrobatics, and the streets were filled with the jazz and blues jams coming from each of the restaurants. We dined in a 100 year old joint, a former hotel and horse betting center. Now it offers upstart and old-time local legends a chance to rock the house with bass, guitar, and piano. Memphis has been a blast, except for the heat. Today we’re off to Bonne Terre, Missouri. There’s an old flooded lead mine in Bonne Terre (look it up), and we’ll be scuba diving in it.

P.S. Because of bandwidth reasons we haven’t been able to add pictures to some blog posts. Now that we have access we’ve gone back and put some pictures in if you want to go back and check them out.

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