Farms, Fields, and a Not-Quite Tornado…

We envisioned a day that could be spent out in the fresh air, free for a bit from the Cadillac’s cooped up interior; but contrary to our imaginations, and expectations, Dawson Creek’s wind relentlessly pounded our camper, forcing us to we spend a entire day inside our shasta playing cards on a three by four table.
In one fell swoop, we ventured across the entire province of Alberta in less than a day, which is basically Canada’s version of Idaho. Scenery in Alberta was refreshing from the Yukon landscape surrounding us for the past few days. Farm country rolled along prairies and fields. Trees were few and far between and only sprouting in clumps. 
To end a long, cramp inflicting day, we dined at what the others claimed to be the best Mediterranean food they ever had (though I was never much of a fan).

49 thoughts on “Farms, Fields, and a Not-Quite Tornado…”

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