Day 7

Today we rose up to a busy morning. We had to zoom around the house to get ready for our trip into the small town we call home. We drove down the road that overlooked the deep rolling hills, the winding roads and houses, and the wide blue mass drawn across the horizon. We went to the gym, as I sat and watched people lift mounds of iron, and push bars of steel. We then drove and found a small little creperie. We stepped in the store, and the smell of sweet cream and icing surrounded us. While we were there we met one man that claimed he ran the entire Chamorro Village. The Chamorro Village is a huge event, in which most of the island gets together. As we talked every person that passed he greeted by name. Once we were done, we drove back up to our apartment. I put on my shoes and set off for my daily run. There was a big looped that crawled through houses and past schools until it popped out at a great white church. The rest of the day was spent doing nothing, and relaxing.

17 thoughts on “Day 7”

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