Day 55

The past few days nothing has happened, but this morning was awesome. After church today, we hopped into our car and flew across the busy roads, to the familiar white boat. We loaded up our scuba gear, and sailed away from the green shoreline, trimmed with the sharp rocks, along the flowing blue sea, that rolled, rose, and fell. This was not going to be any normal dive though, this was going to be a dive with the “Tokai Maru” (a ship sunk in WWII) and the “SMS Comoran” (Sunk in WWI). We eventually reached our spot. We dove into the cool water, as we descended down into the depths of the bay, Soon a huge ship emerged out of the abyss.  This was the SMS Comoran.
We swam in and out of the skeleton of the ship. We darted into the beams, that once held up the wooden floor.
Soon we descended to 80-100 feet below, and another ship appeared. It was the Tokai Maru. We swam up and down looking into the small holes that once were windows. 
All in all it was a good day.

49 thoughts on “Day 55”

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