Day 51

Today was just like yesterday, we boarded the white boat, resting on the clear blue water. We left the bay, scattered with rocks and trees, and zoomed out into the open ocean that bordered the steep fall of the rocky shore line. We threw together our gear, and jumped into the sea. We descended 60 feet down to the course bottom of clear glossy water. Suddenly a huge hole opened up from the ground, leading into the depths. We glided down into the hole, past the rippling rock walls, and coral that fanned out, and danced with the movements of the sea. Suddenly another hole opened up on the side of the wall, but this time to an endless abyss, where the top could barely be seen, and the below us was bottomless. We exited out of this hole into the vast plain. 
After that we drove the boat and flew back into the bay. We hopped back into the water, and scuba dived along the interlocking, and intertwining reef. Turtles glided across the coral, and fish darted back and forth. It was beautiful.

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