Day 50

Again I’m sorry I skipped so many days, and I’ll try to catch you up. Saturday and Sunday was long days of nothingness. Monday we went Scuba diving, a an extricate reef, with coral that fans out, and spiraling rocks. Tuesday we went diving in a beautiful reef, plates of coral stacked on top of each other forming a wall, that created holes, little caverns, and hundreds of fish. We even saw two Lion Fish (which are extremely poisonous). We then went to take the class for our Advance Open Water scuba diving license.
Today we stepped out into the morning sun, with the smell of salt strolling along with the breeze. We stepped along the wooden dock straining to carry the thousand pound tanks. We loaded everything onto the little white boat, that was slowly tossed back and forth with the ripples of the water.
We flew across the water out side of the jungle covered bay, and sailed the deep magenta blue ocean, until we slowed by the side of steep jagged cliff. We harnessed are gear onto our bodies and hopped off. Once we entered in the scene forced the air out of our mouths. About a hundred feet under we could see a rocky bottom, and then suddenly it dropped into deep crevice that cut the face of the earth. The water there had a visibility of a hundred feet, and the bottom of the trench could not be seen. The course rock walls of the crack spiraled into the bottomless blue emptiness that devoured everyone and everything that dared to enter.
After that dive we stepped back into the crowded boat, as the sun backed our skin. The boat started up, and we glided over, between two masses of land. We entered into a bay, as the ocean slowly grew lighter.
The boat stopped and we fashioned everything into place, ready to jump in. We hopped out of the boat, and into the cold water. The clarity was only fifty feet, as we slowly descended. The bottom was hidden by a curtain of blue. Slowly a faint shape of a ship came into view. I finally touched the rusted top of an old freighter that was sunk during WWII. We swam across the top. Holes opened up, leading straight into the belly of the ship. As we shined our lights down into the black  openings, we saw broken down ladders that descended into the unseen black heart of the boat.
We swam through dark rooms that once gave residence to soldiers that fought in one of the most bloodiest wars in history. On the tallest point of the ship hung an American flag, waving to the current of the ocean.
That night we did a night dive, as we floated across the reef wall, comprised by coral plates that intricately inter connect. We shined our lights in tiny pockets of the reef, finding fish and plants. As the dive slowly ended, I decided to shine my light at the wall one last time. I then saw a slithering eel-type object crawl through the coral. As I drew near, I realized I saw the tentacle of an Octopus. A head, eight legs, and webbed feet appeared out of no where. It swam majestically across the coral. Each time we shined the light on it, it immediate stopped, and transformed into a new color, and shape, instantly. It was the luckiest find I have ever had, I was even able to touch it twice.

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