Day 46

I’m sorry that I fell behind, I’ll try to catch you up. On Monday we went to the swimming pool, with some of our friends.
On Tuesday we had another trip to the Japanese plane wreck, but this time it was during night. We dove into the cold heartless dark. We descended, until we reached the eerie plane wreck lying at the bottom of the harbor. We swam across the abandoned, metal skeleton of the plane, as  it was illuminated by the light of our flashlights. Tiny shrimps, attracted to our lights, nibbled at our hands.
On Wednesday we walked up to the wooden docks, and watched as a stingray glided across the surface. We threw bread  into the ocean, not only watching the ray, but also the fish swoop in and eat the fragments of food. We also met a man there that was living in his sail boat, and that was sailing across the world. We then went to the beach.
On Thursday we traveled over to the long sandy landscape of Ypao beach, and snorkeled along the green clumps of spiraling coral. I floated through the clear blue water, and schools of tiny, flashy blue fish, came to bite at my hand. Needle fish (resembles tiny sword fish) started to circle around me, in a huge school. I started to swim away, but they kept following me.
Friday however, was our last day with our friends. We went to the swimming pool, with them, as we swam, splashed, and dove through the cool water. After that we went down to the race track and had a huge race around it, for their final day.
That night me and my friend pulled an all-nighter, he left at 3:00 a.m for his flights, and I was left alone to force my eyelids open for the next four hours. I couldn’t quite make it though, and at seven I was knocked out cold.

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