Day 39

For the past few days nothing has really happened except diving training. On Wednesday we sat on the beach with some of our friends, and snorkeled a bit. That night we spent the second part of our in-class training (which is basically quizzes). Today was are first day of class where we were able to actually practice in water.
Tonight we drove off to a little swimming pool residing at the bottom of a steep cliff. We filed inside, as the instructor told us to put on our equipment. We slipped on our tank. It drug my body down to the ground. We then trudged into the cool, still water and started our training.
​We descended deeper and lower. I felt my entire body submerge. I took a huge gulp of air, then emptied my lungs, watching the bubbles fly to the surface.​ We practice procedure after procedure under the pool, and the speckled night sky. The sensation was amazing as the water flowed over my body, while I floated weightlessly through space.
​That was a night to remember.                

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