Day 36

Yesterday was spent in our tiny apartments, taking shade from the relentless sun that beat down on the hot winding roads that slithered through houses. Today we hopped and car and sped onto the main road. Our car glided on the sides dropping cliffs, that fell onto the ragged and rough rocks. Our car flew over tiny streams that twisted, turned, and wriggled through leaves, and overhanging vines.
Soon the smell of barbecue floated through the air, and sounds of music danced around us. The local festival was taking place today. When we got closer, booths were cooking shish kabobs and ribs, and others were serving cool ice cream shakes. The sound of engines shook the ground. As we looked around, we saw a huge dirt track, and bikes kicking up dust. A motorcycle race was taking place, today. 
Later we zoomed off, driving up and down over the rolling hills. We stopped when something caught our eyes. It was a huge wooden stand with a rainbow of food. Melons sat on shelves along with pickled star fruit, coconuts, bread fruit, and so much more. The man working there pulled out a large black tube, that resembled bamboo. He said that it was sugar cane. He grabbed a long knife with a sharp silver blade, and cut off a segment. He then gave us all little slices. “Why  eat gum, when you can chew on raw sugar” He said. 
After that we headed off, and spent the rest of the day relaxing under the orange and yellow sun.

230 thoughts on “Day 36”

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