Day 27

This morning the sun smiled down on our little apartment. We woke up, and stretched beneath the blue vast space that hung over our heads. We got into our car, as the heat of the black seats burned us. We drove off  down the hot pavement that winded down the huge hill. As we drove a huge body of blue could be seen as it clashed with the jagged, and course shoreline. We eventually found ourselves at an outdoor pool that was 15 feet deep at the far end. The bottom couldn’t even be seen, as I tried to swim to the pool floor. Our friends were with us as the day rolled by.  Once we were done, we hopped in our cars and bustled off to our apartments. We traveled back, and ate with our friends. Conversation, and the scent of pizza floated and mingled together under the starry night sky.
Everything thing was perfect, until I tripped on the concrete, and had to zoom to the ER to get my knee stitched up. Although if anybody asks, just tell them that I was fighting a wild hog, and one of the tusks jabbed my leg.

297 thoughts on “Day 27”

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