Day 24

Today we woke to the bright and shining sky. We drive down through huge hotels that towered over us, and cast shadows over the green palm trees that bordered the sandy shoreline. The blue water was liquid crystal that slowly waved back and forth. We parked and unloaded our stuff onto the shore. When I headed out to swim, there were intertwining strands of green coral that spun and wrapped around itself creating huge clumps everywhere on the sea bottom. It was the strangest coral I’ve ever seen. As I swam, fish after fish passed my goggles.  Shrimps were digging deep caverns into the ground, and huge schools of fish gathered around food. Tiny ticks echoed through the ocean, from the chews and chomps of eating animals. As I slowly worked my way back to the main land, I saw a scaly head sticking out of a hole. I looked closer and then realized that right before my eyes was (as a later found out) a Giant Moray. I looked into its eyes and it looked into mine. I then swam back, and spent the rest of the day baking in the burning sun.

17 thoughts on “Day 24”

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