Day 23

I’m sorry that I skipped so many days I’ll try to catch you up. Friday was the day my sister and little brother went on the slingshot. Saturday was the day we just hung around the apartment all day. During Sunday we went to church, and then snorkeled at Ypao. We saw a huge variety of fish there, living around clumps of green coral. Today we woke up slowly and went outside with some friends, we decided to drive to a good snorkeling spot called “Gab Gab”. We and our friends hopped in our heated cars and set off down the road that winded itself towards the bottom of the huge hill. We eventually found ourselves at a long stretch of beach. The entire day was spent with our friends swimming in the cool ocean that spanned out before our eyes.
I dived and swam past seaweed and coral, until I reached the spot, will the beautiful spiraling and jagged coral met with the ever dooming and never ending abyss. I swam back and forth along this edge. Huge fish passed me, and long silver fish darted around the sea. Rainbow painted parrot fish swam around me. Suddenly something huge moved in the corner of my eye. As I looked down to the coral twelve feet below me, I saw a Sea Turtle! I dived down and swam with it for a while. The beautiful beady eyes were staring right back at mine. I returned back later and enjoyed the rest of the sunny day.

771 thoughts on “Day 23”

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