Day 21

Yesterday we did absolutely nothing. Although today, we traveled across a winding road that traveled through trees, and across the long sandy shoreline, occasionally dotted with rocks. We picked up some friends and continued driving, until we arrived at a little beach, with shade provided from the overhanging palm trees. The waves were choppy, and broke with loud splashes. I put on the snorkel gear, and traveled out, deeper and deeper into the water. I soon arrived a large coral reef that rolled and fell, and displayed a rainbow of colors that flashed and swirled around me. Although the waves started to pound my back. Soon I decided to swim back over the coral, and towards the shore. When arrived back to the sandy shore, I found that while I was out, a red flag was announced (which means swimming is prohibited). Soon more friends arrived, and the rest of the day was spent under the blue sky and the bright warm sun.

14 thoughts on “Day 21”

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