Day 18

We woke up today to the pouring rain beating on our window, and the clouds looming over our heads. We drove off to the south tip of the island hoping that the sun would peek through the white curtains that hung over the sky. We arrived at a tiny lagoon almost entirely surrounded by jagged and course rocks that served as a shield to the harsh waves of the ocean. The sun started to shine, and hours were spent swimming peacefully under the bright blue sky. Although there was one rock that towered over the pool. There were old and broken stone stairs that led to the top. Once climbed, a huge vastness of blue spanned out before my eyes. The waves pounded against the land, spraying salty mist across the shoreline. The rain started to drop down and we drove off down the long road, pass long beaches and shorelines. We stopped by a fruit stand that sold coconuts and other food, picked straight from the trees. It was all run in the man’s backyard. We enjoyed sweet fruit, as the rest of the day slowly rolled by.