Day 12

This morning we woke up to the shining sun. The day was full of quiet and peaceful fun, as we relaxed under the bright blue sky. Although that night, we drove to a group of small buildings, and shops that were all squished together into a small group. Lights illuminated out of the group, music danced around us, and the smell of sizzling food floated through the night air. This was Chamorro Village.
The crowd of tourists and locals that intertwined together was humongous. We walked in, and followed the scent of meat and rice. The food was spectacular, as we gorged ourselves in juicy, fat chicken wings, and enjoyed ourselves with spicy  rice.
We walked around, and eventually found ourselves in one large building full with the dancing people. Mounds of music pounded us, until our ears were bursting inside our heads. 
Once seven rolled around, we took our seats in front of the stage, as a booming voice rang out too us across the speakers welcoming us to Chimarro Village. Twenty Guamanians lined the stage in traditional outfits, such as straw dresses, and leather skin shirts. They danced, sung, and juggled fire on ropes. It was amazing.

248 thoughts on “Day 12”

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