Day 10

It’s superbowl monday (I’m one day ahead)! Which means that people who don’t like football, like me, get to enjoy an entire day of vacant and empty beaches! Although, the beach we went to today was usually barren of people anyway. After buying a nice juicy burger this morning, we traveled down a long winding road that weaved its way through buildings and trees. We eventually stopped at what seemed like nowhere. We were standing at the top of a steep hill, that fell into a sandy bay. We walked on a dirt trail that crawled down the face of the hill, and as we walked lizards scurried at our feet. We then reached the jagged stone stairs that quickly descended past huge leaves that hung over our heads, and past deep caves that dug deep into the earth. Although soon the thick brush and jungle opened up to a long sandy plain that was met by the waving sea. This was Haputo Beach. The jungle fell steeply, and then suddenly flattened with the sand. The bay wrapped around until it was met with a small island. We spread our towels on the ground, and lay beneath the sun. We sat on the edge of the shore, and let the light blue water carry us back and forth with the waves. Hermit crabs crawled across the ground, with spiraling shells, and splashes of color. The palm trees leaned over us to supply us shade. This was paradise.

217 thoughts on “Day 10”

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