Cold. Rainy. Newfoundland.

Guest blogger Chris is filling in for today as Alexander hovers near the brink of death with some sort of mystery sinus condition…

So…  Newfoundland.  We drove our butts off for fourteen straight days to get here so that we could have a good chunk of time to explore.  I saw all these beautiful pictures of Gros Morne National Park (seriously, google that and look at the pictures…), and I convinced the kids that it would take at least 9 or 10 days to explore this entire magical land of sunshine and fjords.  What I didn’t realize is that all of these idyllic scenes were photographed during their summer period, which roughly covers the weekend of July 21st.  We were on a boat ride yesterday through one of the most beautiful places I could imagine, but I couldn’t see it all that well through my shiver-induced blur.  Kids were balled up on the floor of the boat trying to conserve body heat.  The wind was blowing and the cold drizzle was making it generally miserable.

We really should have just gone to Seward.

Not that Newfoundland is a disappointment at all.  We are enjoying it.  It’s just colder than we thought.  Today, we explore L’Anse aux Meadows (pronounced “Lance Meadows” for all you English pig-dog, non-French types).  That is where the Vikings first landed 1,000 years ago.  Jayme is very excited to investigate her Nordic roots.  With any luck, we’ll see plenty of icebergs and maybe some whales today.  We drove up here last night in the dark, so who knows what we missed.  Well, that’s it.  We’re off.  See ya.

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