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spring is soon
frosted berries
venus and the moon
back in alaska
it is also the governor's mansion
this is the gigantic Latte Stone
Latte is the type stone it is NOT talking about the coffee
we just put a new definition on anti-social
Dad insisted
blue blue water
this is our absolutely our favorite restaurant and the owner there is really nice
baby palm tree
from the top of Nimitz hill
the cat that we feed
in front of the superstore mall
Joshy's creative drawing 😕
this is mom and her friends at the gym.
coconut candy is the BEST!!
turtles and stingrays living in harmony
no on actually knows what Joshy is doing
Thanksgiving at Jeffs Pirate Cove
the last sight of cocos
relaxing with Tracey and Kyle
bye bye Guam
on our way to cocos island
on our way to cocos island
Does anybody have any name suggestions?
wild stingray that visit and pet
Joshy learns the ukulele
This is one of the falls after a long, hard hike down
We found some cool things on the hike down to the falls
this is Magellan's Point. It's where Magellan actually landed!
brothers 😂
overview of Inarajan Pools
chillin' at Inarajan Pools
Joshy staring off into the distance
This is our sunset outside our apartment.
And this has been another moment with Joshy
And here are a few moments with Joshy
This is part of the Catholic church across the street
It knows me!
leaved silhouette -Z
early morning bus stop -Z
pretty plumeria
Backflip off of Gab Gab's wall -Z
Joshy right before he hits the water
a sunset that looks like wings at the airforce base, how ironic
running in Guam is CRAZY hot!
only the best pizza EVER!
that's really cool!
just sittin' back watching the lightning storm!
Haputo beach is my favorite
awesome rock formations
the hike down to Haputo beach
comment if you know what this flower is called.
cool shells!
hermit crabs everywhere!
this one is my favorite
we found this swing on San Luis beach! It took paradise to a new level!
Here are a few tree photos.
bucket of limes
bucket of limes
oh my goodness! more bananas!
oh my goodness! more bananas!
yum! bananas!
pillars in the sand
it may be fake but it's still pretty
jack fruit
Joshy goes for a swim
bird of paradise
Joshy's first Cold Stone ice cream (sorry it's so blurry)
Joshy's first Cold Stone ice cream (sorry it's so blurry)
coconut crab- watch out!
Chamorro Village dancers
Introspective Joshy
typhoon vs. palm tree
night of the typhoon
final stage!
lazy Flower
GabGab beach sunset
stage 2
smiles for everyone
smiles for everyone
shadowed seeds
stage 1
stage 1
study in Reflections
sun behind trees
our front yard
sunrise in Guam