73- Sunken Tanks and Cuddle Fish

Let me catch you up on the last three days. Tuesday we went to the pool. Wednesday we went scuba diving. We dived along a huge underwater boulder field, around sunken tanks, and ship parts (it was a WWII dumping spot for the U.S). After that we went scuba diving along an coral garden, and around a sunken bomber. After that we swam through a huge reef, with caves, canyons, caverns, and thousands of lion fish.
Today we traveled to a little beach surrounded with palm trees and blue water. I snorkeled along the flashy coral, and the whirlwind of fish. I snorkeled back to the line of buoys and saw three little black objects. As I drew near I made out tentacles and a dome head. Along the head were fins waving with the water, and streaks along there heads flashing a strobe of color. They were cuddle fish! I swam closer, and all three of them turned paper white and jetted through the water.
It was amazing.

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