63-Boat Ride

Today we woke up early and rode our little red car to the wooden boat docks that wandered around the glistening water. Although this wasn’t like other days, today we rented a boat for ourselves. We boarded it and started up the rumbling engine, as we puttered out to the rippling sea. We flew along the shoreline, and then past the towering cliff side, and under the endless, cloudless sky. The deep waves carried us across. Flying fish shot out of the water and zoomed across the horizon. Soon we stopped and jumped into the warm water. As I looked down with my goggles, the water was so clear, that the bottom (60 feet below) was visible.
After that we gathered our scuba diving gear, and jumped into the glass-like ocean. We descended, breathing from our tanks, down sixty feet where the ground lay. A huge black gaping hole opened up out of the ground. We descended into the hole and explored the jagged, and rough rock walls of the deep water cavern. We saw a Loin Fish laying still as a statue near a rock, and a Snowflake Moray peeking it’s tiny little speckled head out of a small hole in the wall.
We climbed back onto the boat and headed off past the little rocky shore, and into choppy surface that slung the boat back and forth. The waves tossed us up and down, as the gentle sea spray glided across my face. We turned around, and eventually found ourselves at Tarzan Caves.
Two huge holes cut into the cliff beside us, making two huge eyes that you could enter. We hopped off the boat and snorkeled over as we looked in we could see under water caves that crawled deep into the rock, and huge boulders lay strewn across the sandy bottom We swam into one of the eyes, and climbed onto the huge smooth rocks that lay within the caves. We explored, and tried to swing on a rope that was tied to the roof of the cave.
We then drove back, hitting wave after wave head on. We pulled into the harbor, and enjoyed the rest of the day.

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